playnejayne (lynnshaze) wrote in survivorvanuatu,

Episode 1 thoughts

I'm not real certain about the "Battle of the Sexes" dynamic. I wasn't too fond of it the first time around, but at least then it was unique. I don't much care for watching a group of catty, whiny women and another group of testosterone laden, breast focused men, but this season is what it is.

That being said, I like some of the contestants being offered. Chad will certainly be one to watch, however I do think that his leg will prove to be a liability in the long term game, as everyone will fear a potential sympathy vote. Twila intrigues me. I don't think that she is capable of getting very far in the psychological game, but I'm rooting hard for her anyway. She has my respect at the moment. Chris did a good job of saving his butt last night and seems to show promise as a true 'player'. Ami wasn't seen much last night, but from what I saw of her on the CBS website, she sounds like she has the capacity to be another Jenna, heaven help us. Scout and Dolly are both sturdy contestants. Rory needs to go, and quickly. Lea will have staying power, I do believe.

The pig sacrifice kind of surprised me. I liked the fact that the women were forced to sit the rituals out, true to local culture. It was a nice reminder that not all cultures are American, nor are they all westernized. I hope we see more of the locals in episodes to come.
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